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Why “adopt, don’t shop” really is a thing

When you boil down all the benefits of adopting a cat from a shelter, what you really have is the simple conclusion that shelters have each cat’s well-being in mind whereas a breeder is also concerned with his or her bottom line. Of course, some breeders are caring individuals who take great care of their animals. But then, some aren’t. For this reason, adopting a cat from a shelter not only benefits the cat but also the system that continues to save the lives of countless felines a year.
For those who wish to have this broken down for them in more detail, here goes…
It is less expensive to adopt from a shelter than it is to buy a cat from a breeder or a pet shop. If you’re married to someone with a death grip on the purse strings, this will be a selling point in making your case for a(nother?) cat. At Nine Lives Cat Café, all of our animals are adopted through the Indianapolis Humane Society, and basic medical services are included in the adoption fee.
The Humane Society provides that basic – but thorough – medical care to every cat available for adoption. Each animal is spayed or neutered, dewormed, treated for fleas, vaccinated, and microchipped before it is made available. This process systematically works at reducing animal overpopulation while putting each cat’s welfare first.
A good shelter also provides opportunities for socialization, and Nine Lives is a perfect example of socialization in action. Our cats receive regular visitors, making them friendlier and, therefore, more adaptable. Greater socialization also increases the chances that a cat you’d like to adopt will successfully integrate with other pets and children living in your home. Other shelters provide opportunities to socialize by fostering or by allowing volunteers to come in and spend time with animals in the shelter itself.
Many “benefits of animal adoption” articles are going to focus solely on the benefits to the humans doing the adopting. Here, you can see that we’re just as concerned with the benefits our adoptable cats will see as they find their forever homes. Still, everyone matters. If you need one last tiny nudge, consider that having a cat in your home automatically decreases your likelihood for heart disease if you’re healthy, and it lowers your blood pressure if you struggle with hypertension. Cats lessen depression, elevate mood and even help to balance the immune system due to all those happy cat vibes floating around.
So visit our cat room at the Nine Lives Cat Café. For only $5 you can benefit from an hour’s worth of those aforementioned happy cat vibes all while helping shelter cats find the homes they so richly deserve.

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We encourage you to make a reservation before coming. While walk-in guests are welcome, a reservation guarantees your spot in the cat play area. We want to ensure that the play area isn’t crowded at any time and that you get the best experience with our felines. Just send us your email and we will get back to you.