Nine Lives Indy

cat cafe

Our Founder

Donald A. Price, a lover of cats, grew up with these adorable pets in his country home. At one point, his house was a haven to over 30 cats and kittens. Growing up with them taught him responsibility, selflessness, and patience.

When he started his own family, it was natural for him to adopt and care for cats. He also began welcoming strays, and by the time his second daughter was born, he had three adopted and four stray cats. He also regularly advocated for cats’ adoption among his friends and sought ways to help the homeless cat population.

In 2018, Donald went on a holiday with his family in Japan. There, he had his first encounter with a cat cafe. In his words, “I had never witnessed it before, and there was no vocabulary sufficient enough to express how I felt.” Right there, he started thinking of how he could bring that experience to residents in his town.

He also recognized the idea as the solution he needed to encourage cat adoptions. That was how Nine Lives Indy started. By 2019, the cafe opened its doors to its first customers, with twelve cats and four staff in attendance. Today, at any given time, we have between 30 to 35 cats and kittens in our cafe, ready to accept cuddles from guests.

Our Mission

Nine Live Indy’s mission is to provide a common ground for cats and humans to enjoy each other’s company. We believe that having a drink with adorable cats can put a smile on people’s faces. We hope that that they fall in love and are open to adopting our furry friends.

Our Vision

Our vision to reduce the stray cat population by facilitating human-feline interactions. We aim to foster rescue cats, socialize them, and help them find a loving home.

Make a Reservation

We encourage you to make a reservation before coming. While walk-in guests are welcome, a reservation guarantees your spot in the cat play area. We want to ensure that the play area isn’t crowded at any time and that you get the best experience with our felines. Just send us your email and we will get back to you.